Why People Can’t Get There From Here – When Poor

Waiting to meet someone at a gas station, I noticed that everyone buying gas bought between a half to one and a half gallons.

An internet connection costs $15 a month, but you can buy 3 months for $24. Unfortunately many cannot afford the $24 at one time.

Growing your own cow feed for the year is dramatically cheaper than buying higher priced lower quality feed each month, but to grow it you would need about $250 at planting time, which is more than most can accumulate.

Yields for corn and beans are several times higher using fertilizer, but once a family has an emergency, like a sick child, the fertilizer savings get spent, the lower crop yield then is not enough to feed the family and still have enough left over to sell and therefore there is no money to pay for fertilizer. Then, perhaps forever, a family is stuck at lower yields.

For lack of funds, people don’t go to doctors or buy medicines when they are sick, which results in unnecessary deaths from illnesses that might be cured, for example, with $15 worth of anti-biotics.

This post was written by Don Montagna.

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