Reflections from a July Delegation

International Partners sent another two and a half week delegation of 13 delegates to a village called Alegría about 15 minutes out of Suchitoto in Cuscatlán. The goal of the delegation was to build a shaded community gathering area in front of the biblioteca (library), as pictured, as well as bathrooms connected to the back of the biblioteca, so there was also a significant amount of time spent on digging a 9 foot deep pit for the septic tank. The delegation was successful in finishing the work on the shaded gathering area after mixing countless loads of cement, and also finished the septic tank during our time there. While we did not finish the bathrooms, there was significant progress made there.

The community of Alegría could not have been more welcoming to the delegates, and the bonds that were made have withstood our absence because the delegates and community members are still in contact through WhatsApp. The children of the community also became attached to the delegates and each delegate cycled through working in the biblioteca in the afternoons to read them books and help them with their homework and also to play games. There were many beautiful experiences that were shared through our game nights, soccer games, talents show, visit to Lago Suchitlán, sunrise hike on the last morning, and countless others and it was a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Emma O’Driscoll
2019 Delegate

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