Celebrating in Aceituno

Article contributed (in Spanish) by Karla Monge

On October 25, 2019, the community of Aceituno, Suchitoto, had a party to celebrate rural children, adults, and women. This activity was organized by library facilitators and the ADESCO [community council] with the goal of celebrating patron saint festivities. It took place at the recreation center called Centro de Recreación Familiar Cassie Stern.

“We feel motivated by this activity, as everyone will be spending time with each other,” expressed Idania Cerón, facilitator of the library and member of the ADESCO.

It was a very fun afternoon where there was a clown, laughter, competitions, piñatas, snacks, time spent together, empathy, and the sale of delicious tamales. Approximately 50 people – children, youths, and adults – attended.

“The celebration is very lovely because we have come to enjoy ourselves and to play,” mentioned Nohemy Hurtado, a child from the community.

The community also learned about activities that will be taking place in the recreation center so that the community would get involved.

“We thank the people who have supported us so that this activity could take place and we hope to always be able to count on your support, as this is a space to practice values,” commented María Rosales, facilitator of the library and member of the ADESCO.

Special thanks to Isaías Ángel (Chistin, the clown), Don René, and all of the community for collaborating with this activity.

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