Children’s Day and Halloween

Article contributed (in Spanish) by Karla Monge.

On Thursday, October 31, 2019, the education center of Cacahuatal, Cabañas, celebrated the youth in the community during the day and Halloween at night. This activity was organized by Esmeralda Acosta (facilitator of the education center), students receiving IP scholarships, the educational center committee, and the ADESCO [community council]. They always support all of the community activities.

At the celebration, there were contests to win a prize and a small snack. There were 60 youths there. All of the entertainment was provided by the students receiving scholarships, who dressed up as clowns and performed a show for the youth.

The resources came from the activities that were done with the facilitator, scholarship students, and the students’ mothers in order to fundraise. Therefore, it was possible to carry out this party.

At night, the mothers of the scholarship students were in charge of sales, and the house of terror was the result of the scholarship students’ creativity. Everyone dressed up as characters. All with the goal of raising money.

Great work, team!

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