Article contributed (in Spanish) by Karla Monge.

The last Friday of every month, the education centers of Suchitoto – from the communities of Aceituno, Palo Grande, and Alegría – participate in an event bringing them all together. (Sadly, the education centers of Cabañas are unable to participate because of the distance, as it takes two hours to get to Suchitoto.) The main objective of this event is to carry out cooperative games with the motto, “Working in teams without competition” and making use of the facilities in order to bring more life to the event space called Centro de Recreación Familiar Cassie Stern.

“It’s very lovely because values are promoted with the other education centers, like respect, togetherness, harmony, and a lot more.” – Aminta Arévalo (facilitator of the Palo Grande education center).


This month was no exception. The event was organized by the institution and took place on Friday, November 1, 2019. We also celebrated the theme of the month of October – rural children, youth, women, and adults.

“The activities that are done at the Cassie Center give us an opportunity to develop ourselves as people. They help us to relax and exercise our minds. We are grateful for the space that is offered to us, as it is a very pleasant experience.” – Sonia Hernández, a mother and member of the Palo Grande Educational Center Committee.

We had a very lovely afternoon. There were sales, uniforms were given out, and there were cooperative games and free play. They also formed teams made up of children, women, and men to play soccer. They were surprised by the rain and at the end, they broke open the piñatas. It was a space where we learned, we had fun, and we enjoyed it.


“I like to be here and thank you for the candies.”  – Abi Bonilla, a child from Alegría.


Approximately 80 people attended the event, including children, youth, and adults.

“I like the planning done by the facilitators (Karlita and Heriberto). They don’t repeat games, we don’t get bored, and we participate actively.” – Cristian Osorio, a youth from Palo Grande.





Thank you for being part of this team!

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