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Why People Can’t Get There From Here – When Poor

Waiting to meet someone at a gas station, I noticed that everyone buying gas bought between a half to one and a half gallons. An internet connection costs $15 a month, but you can buy 3 months for $24. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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How Health Is Affected By Poverty

This article was written by Sarah Fudin, who works in community relations for the George Washington University School of Public Health on their Master of Public Health online program. She is passionate about working in an industry committed to making … Continue reading

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US Trade Policies Harm Salvadoran Poor

By Rebecca Lindegren In 1994, the United States, along with representatives from Canada and Mexico, agreed on something called NAFTA, also known as the North American Free Trade Agreement. This agreement was designed to remove the barriers that kept the … Continue reading

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When Undocumented Children Get Detained

In the past few years, the number of undocumented children illegally crossing the border into the United States has increased considerably, according to a recent article in the New York Times. One in 13 of those caught crossing the border … Continue reading

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How Poverty Kills: En Memoria De Lilian Arevalo Galdamez

Lillian, 35, was a cook delegates loved, the mother of Vanessa, 10, and Brian, 8, and the wife of Moreno, the president of Palo Grande and employee at IP Centro Cassie. We don’t really know what caused Lillian’s death, but … Continue reading

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